Pediatric dentistry

The MEDICRON team works hard to ensure your children a nice, fun and comfortable experience in the dental office at each visit.

In the interest of our young patients Medical check-ups for children should begin at an early age (2-3 yr.). This is because it is necessary to follow the proper development of children’s teeth. In this way children learn and are motivated to good oral hygiene

Furthermore, early detection and treatment of cavities prevents complications such as:
– pulpitis – inflammation of the nerve;
– periodontitis – an inflammation of the nerve and bone;
Treatment of temporary teeth is very important because the germs of permanent teeth are under them and could be damaged. The main goal of our team is that each child feels safe at every visit. Therefore we rely on the friendly and personal approach to those of our little friends.

The procedures we perform are:
• training and motivation for proper oral hygiene;
• treatment of caries of deciduous teeth;
• treatment of pulpits and periodontitis of deciduous teeth;
• prophylactic coverage of permanent teeth – silanisation fluoridation;
• treatment of caries of permanent teeth;
• biological treatment of deep cavities of permanent teeth;
• treatment of pulpits and periodontitis of permanent teeth;
• treatment of gingivitis and stomatitis