Prosthetics and aesthetics

A beautiful smile is an integral part of the drive of a man looks good. Nowadays, the rapid development of aesthetic dentistry makes it possible to satisfy the needs and wishes of patients, consistent with the professional judgment of the treating physician. We offer all modern materials and methods of treatment to achieve quality treatment and aesthetic outcome


The most rapid and impressive results is a clinical whitening, which is performed in the dental office. This is done within one or two visits, depending on the desired degree of bleaching using a special gel and an ultraviolet lamp or a laser.

Discomfort of the procedure are not mandatory and are strictly individual, but they can be controlled in advance – through anesthesia and antisense gels that reduce tooth sensitivity.

Alternative systems are home bleaching gels through a lower percentage of active ingredient 10-16, but applied for a longer time.

Veneers – “Hollywood smile”

Represent porcelain “skins” covering the front surface of the teeth, as a contemporary solution to the defects of the frontal teeth, and if desired by the patient to change the color, shape and size of their teeth. Made of ceramic. Thinning is minimal, but sufficient so as to provide the necessary strength of the connection between the dental tissue and the ceramic.

Crowns and Bridges

Used in large defects of a tooth that violate not only the aesthetics but also the function and often involve the risk of any fracture and loss of the tooth itself .With placing the crown seeks maximum recovery of shape and size of teeth and chewing his or biting off function. Bridges are placed at missing teeth by grinding adjacent two.

Achieved functional recovery cover cosmetic defect protect adjacent teeth of migration. Crowns and bridges are made of different materials: metal, cermet, porcelain, zirconium. The best kind of crown or bridge is taken into consideration with his dentist depending on individual possibilities and indications of dentition.

A good outcome is impossible without quality work from our colleagues the dental technicians. Through years of experience we have built a team that takes care of satisfying the high demands of our patients.


A dental implant is a screw of a special titanium alloy, which has a shape and function as the natural root of the tooth and aims at restoring one or group of teeth. Implants are the most modern method to replace missing teeth.


Prostheses are made of plastic, very effectively simulate the color of the teeth and their form. Can be designed movable (taken out of the mouth, cleaned and back) or still to be fixed on pre-implanted in the jaw endosteal implants.

Partial dentures

This type of prosthesis used in CE partially toothless areas they are removable, made of plastic and / or metal. Designed with different inhibitory supporting elements that give them a very good stability in the mouth during chewing.
According to the material they are made, dentures can be grouped as:

– Model molded prostheses

– Silicone prostheses (valplast)

– Usually Plate dentures