Clinical Periodontology

Clinical Periodontology deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of dental supporting tissue (gingiva and periodontium) the ultimate objective of preserving health, function and aesthetics.
The causes of periodontal disease can be diverse: local factors-infection(Viral, bacterial or gabichna0travmi, anomalies in the position of the teeth, occlusion and the like. And common factors – avitaminosis, diabetes, diseases of the digestive system, cardiovascular (hypertension), and the nervous, rheumatism, diseases of the circulatory system, radiation disease, genetic and other factors commonly .Many conditions of gingivitis and periodontal diseases are a symptom of another disease.

  • Treatment of periodontal goes through several stages;
  • Periodontal survey – covering gingiva, teeth, occlusions, functional status, general status of the organism, determine the type of disease – inflammation, dystrophic, idiopathic.
  • Identify stages of the disease – early or complicated• diagnosis and prognosis
  • Prepare treatment plan

In the early stages of the disease, the developing process can be stopped even with professional cleaning of teeth, guidance and instructions for proper hygiene, vitamintherapy, applications of various drugs and physiotherapy
In complicated periodontontal diseases and neglected state resortion to surgery may occur combined with medication