In “MEDICRON” hospital anesthesiologists apply different types of anesthesia depending on the severity of the surgery and its duration, age of the patient and accompanying diseases
In short surgical manipulations, local anesthesia is used, where a local anesthetic temporarily disrupts the nerve signals from the affected area to the brain. The patient remains conscious.

In surgical procedures that are of long duration and complexity using general anesthesia, with the help of a medicament for inhibiting the function of the central nervous system in which the patient loses consciousness, falling asleep.

The preferred anesthetic is called balanced anesthesia .

It uses different combinations of intravenous anesthetics, gas mixtures containing oxygen, nitrous oxide and Halogenated hydrocarbon (halothane, isoflurane or sevoflurane) and muscle relaxants. These combinations allow avoiding the side effects of each drug, by using several drugs in smaller doses.

So their actions potentiate each other to achieve a good level of anesthesia,
and fast wake, since relatively small doses of these drugs are rapidly eliminated.

The purpose is to provide effective analgesia and sedation during surgical manipulation and at the same time maximum safety for the patient. Every patient is has a preanesthetic consultation so a plan can be made for performing the anesthesia and postoperative analgesia