Dental Clinic

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    Ivanka Atanasova DMD

    She graduated in 1990. in the Faculty of Dentistry at the Medical University of Sofia.
    Specializes periodontal and oral surgery
    She has extensive experience in her private practice.

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    Galina Beleva DMD

    She graduated at the Faculty of Dentistry of Medical University of Sofia in 2006. After graduation attended numerous training courses in orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry:

    •  2008g- course typodont „Fixed technique“ – Dr Dimova
    •  2008-2010g- lectures of Professor. Wick Alexander
    • 2013g- „Esthetic restorations of anterior and posterior teeth“ prof. Radlinsky
    • 2012-2014g- courses typodont at Dr. Ivan Goryalov;
    • Since 2006. He has been working as an orthodontist in Specialized Hospital „Medicron.“

    In 2014 she won „Best orthodontic case“ in the „Smile of the Year“. In 2016. again won in the same category.

    Dr. Beleva performs every orthodontic treatment in detail and with an individual approach to the patient. It is consistent with the orthodontic needs of each and is based on detailed diagnostics – impressions, making plaster models, photo and x-ray photos. They are sent to a computer analysis made by the most advanced technology CephX in Las Vegas.The diagnostic data summarizes in a letter to the patient and his parents (child).

    With a short computer presentation explaining all aspects of the initial condition of the patient, the prepared treatment options, the expected duration and cost of treatment.

    The clinicist uses fixed devices – braces and various functional mobile devices.

    Dr. Beleva works exclusively with braces system „Alexander“, created and developed over 30 years by Professor. „Wick“ Alexander, USA. It is one of the most tested, clinically proven systems in orthodontics. The aesthetic equivalent of Alexander braces are sapphire brackets Radiance. They are high quality, discreet and comfortable for patients who prefer them.

    Depending on the age of the patient, the orthodontic treatment is divided into several stages:

    Early treatment – patients aged 4-9 g.- aims to stop bad habits, to correct severe skeletal discrepancies, clusters of teeth, cross bite. In this stage elastic calipers, devices as – pipe bumper ,hedgier, facial mask, fixed apparatus-braces front tooth, RPE and others can be used
    Treatment of adolescents (teenagers) – patients aged 10-16 years – use of braces and extraoral devices (if necessary) is .The aim is arrangement of teeth and correct jaw discrepancies.

    Age orthodontics – when active skeletal growth of the organism is over after 16, treatment is usually limited to the arrangement of teeth. Orthodontic treatment has no age limit and the usual treatment method includes brackets, but if necessary you may need expansion or extraction of one or more teeth to provide the necessary space for arrangement of teeth.

    Oral hygiene in orthodontic treatment is critical, both for efficiency and speed of treatment and to preserve the tooth (enamel, dentine) the structure of the tooth (gingiva, ligaments, bone). Therefore, before beginning any treatment, our patients undergo detailed training and motivation in oral hygiene. It teaches not only how and what, but why should clean teeth and braces her during and after treatment. It includes theoretical and practical exercises in improving of brushing and flossing.

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    Slaveia Asenova DMD

    She graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine at Medical University of Sofia in 2009.

    She works as a general dentist with an interest in endodontics and aesthetic dentistry.

    – Course endodontics- „Days of endodontics“ SLC Dental Association.
    – Aesthetic dental medicine- „Direct and indirect veneers.“
    -Course of Piezo surgery

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    Kiril Kolesarski DMD

    He graduated at the Faculty of Dental Medicine at MU Sofia in 2016.

    He works as a general dentist with a focus on specialty endodontics.

    Course in endodontics „retreatment of endodontic treated teeth-diagnosis difficult technique.“

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    Dental assistants

    Monica Raeva

    Antoinette Petrunova

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    Rayna Dimitrova

    Alexandra Vardarova

    Lilia Karakoleva