In 1992 Dr. Ivanka Atanasova establishes dental office. Ten years later, the practice is grows into a Dental clinic with four offices and x-ray lab.

After years of experience a thorough analysis of the needs of patients was made, which directs the activities of the medical establishment to treat complex diseases in maxillofacial area.In 2015 with the joint efforts of Dr. Peter Serbezov and Dr. Eugene Alexiev  Specialized Hospital Maxillofacial and dental surgery was established.

Structurally, the hospital consists of a clinic for dental medicine and three departments: Department of maxillofacial surgery, department of anesthesiology and intensive care and clinical laboratory department located a in three-storeyed building in Sofia at an the adress:Georgi Benkovski № 49 street.

The treatment complex has two operating rooms and hospital with 16 beds. The equipment in each structure is technologically dependent, in accordance with modern requirements of global medical standard. A team of highly trained medical specialists in maxillofacial surgery and dental medicine, anesthesiologists, surgeons specialists in clinical laboratory and medical health care professionals care for the patients. They receive competent and comprehensive treatment, individual approach and quality medical services. For the convenience of bedridden patients is free parking.

Hospital „MEDICRON“ has a contract with the National Health Insurance Fund and with health insurance funds, through which patients are able to finance their treatment.

MEDICRON there is a uniform standard of good medical practice and a system for quality control of medical practice, patient care and training of doctors and nurses.